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American Fork Utah
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Company Description:

We're helping people get easier, tastier, FRUITS & VEGGIES every single day.

Too many people are lacking energy, passion, wellness, and happiness that come from nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. We get it, eating fruits & veggies everyday is hard - hard to prep, eat before they spoil, etc. - but Ruvi had made it EASY to get all that goodness.

At Ruvi we pick fruits & veggies at their peak ripeness, freeze dry them (locking in 97% of nutrients), mill them into powder, and mix those powders into 4 unique blends for instant smoothies.

Simply add a Ruvi packet to a bottle of water, shake, and enjoy!

No added sugar. No added preservatives. Just fruits & veggies.

Because of Ruvi, thousands of happy customers are living in color! They are climbing to the top of Half Dome, tackling that long-awaited bedroom remodel, powering through the afternoon slump, and living with a little more pep in their step.

So what are you waiting for?

Crush your nutritional deficiency with Ruvi. Get all those vibrant fruits & veggies to start feeling and doing better!

You’ll be surprised at how colorful you’ll feel.

Show Specials:

Get 20% off of your purchase of Ruvi at the show! And, get a FREE Shaker Bottle with the purchase of a 32 Pack at the show.

New Products

ACTIVE - Optimize your cardiovascular health.

BOOST - Targeted support for your skin & immune system.

CLEAN - Ingredients to support better digestion & gut health.

FOCUS - Sharpen your mind and keep your brain healthy.

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